BlowDry Brass

BlowDry Brass is not a repackaged SPITBALLS. Spitballs is smaller, harder and is clearly designed and marketed for breaking up and removing dirt.

BlowDry Brass was developed for removing moisture, so that the grunge is unable to build up. The foam BIT is almost 2.5 times larger than Spitballs, but much more soft and pliable for moving through the horn and absorbing moisture.

BlowDry Brass, at first glance, is at the high end cost for maintenance/cleaning accessories $23.00. But unlike the other products that are used 3-6 times a year (snakes, brushes, etc.), BlowDry Brass is used every day (or nearly every day). Since there are enough parts to last about 1 year, it makes this product very cost effect.
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Price $23.00
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