Slide O Mix Trombone Slide Cleaner Set

An easy but thorough cleaning of your whole trombone slide. The cleaning set is an effective combination of cleaning rod, towelling sheath and a short flexible brush. The complete set can be taken along in your trombone case or gigbag without any problems. Your trombone slide needs occasionally a quick dry clean, especially the outer slide. This can be practiced with the washable towelling sheath. Because the cleaning rod is completely covered by the sheath, the outer slide is protected against damages. For the periodical wet cleaning of the outer slide and the tubes of the inner slide, the short flexible brush can be screwed onto the cleaning rod. With this brush you also can clean the mouth pipe very intensive. The cleaning set is available in two sizes: - with a red toweling sheath for small to medium trombones (up to 13,34mm bore) - with a blue toweling sheath for wide tenor up to bass trombones
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