Bach Model 1901 Commerical Trumpet

Features     Benefits
#1 Lightweight bronze bell - Very first bell taper design Vincent Bach produced in 1925. Original production notes indicate “Plays easy in upper register”
- Extremely lightweight bronze bell material which produces a clear, brilliant sound
- Flat rim (French Bead) helps with better sound projection
- Extremely lightweight body tubing wit - Helps to produce lightning fast response. Also, the brass outer and nickel inner tubing unlike materials (brass outer/nickel inner)   will give a smoother, quicker operational feel

Two-piece valve casing with Bronze- Beautiful “old-school” look on horns with lacquer baluster finish. Significantly contributes to the overall tonal character of the trumpet

Second valve slide faces forward- New look for Bach Stradivarius trumpets yet a “throw-back” look to the French Besson trumpets made in the 1800’s            

Modified #43 lead-pipe- Open lead-pipe for quick, open, yet controlled response. Even response in all registers

Comes standard with two tuning slides- Standard “D” shaped tuning slide for “traditional” Bach slotting of notes, and “rounded” shaped tuning slide for more open and flexible slotting of notes

Added water-key on third slide crook- Additional “Amado” water-key on third slide for quick removal of condensation

1st and 3rd slide rings - Securely holds thumb and ring finger

Reduced bracing on the slide tubes- Makes this a very “free” responding trumpet in all registers by reducing soldered contact points

Pin-style third slide stop assembly- “New” look for Bach Stradivarius Bb trumpets. Also reduces weight and soldered contact points to allow freer response

Newly designed crescent shaped- For ease of removing the 1 – 2 – 3 valve slides. “pull knobs” on 1st – 2nd – 3rd slides

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