Besson BE 1065 , 4 Valve Euphonium

Besson BE1065-2-0 Euphonium (4 Valve) pic. shown in Silver Plate

BE1065-2-0 Entry Level 4 Valve Euphonium with robust build quality and hardwearing Silver Finish.

We think:
This 4 valve non-compensating instrument is a solid student model backed by the Besson brand. It offers a full sound and good intonation for the aspiring student and the silver plated finish makes it harder wearing than some student models on the market. The fourth valve allows for a greater range and alternative fingerings. The relatively small increase in cost over its 3 valve sibling makes this enhanced specification instrument the more popular choice.Respected and robust 'British Style' Model.

Features / Specification:

  • Key of Bb.
  • 4 bottom sprung valves.
  • Non compensating.
  • Supplied with Besson mouthpiece.
  • Silver plate finish.
  • Comes with lightweight hard case.
Besson BE 1065 , 4 Valve Euphonium
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Price $2,520.00
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