Curry 600 Series Trumpet Mouthpieces

Looking for a cup that's tight and bright, and a rim that won't tire you out ? The 600 Series is for you! Designed for today''s high energy music, these designs help you produce maximum sound with minimum effort! The rim is specifically designed to give maximum comfort while allowing superior flexibility over the entire range of the horn. The bite allows you to comfortably grip the mouthpiece, rather than hooking your chops in. The steep undercut gives your chops the room to vibrate freely, no matter how tired and swollen you may be. The flat-bottomed main cup and short second cup provide the resistance you need to keep from bottoming out. All in all, these features produce a bright, compact sound that projects like no other!

If ordering a flugel mouthpiece , please select taper otherwise you will receive the standard taper , no action necessary if purchasing a trumpet mouthpiece

Curry 600 Series Trumpet Mouthpieces
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