GAP CHeK by Warburton

What SHOULD the GAP be? * GAP CHEK has reference lines inscribed every 0.050 inches (fifty-thousandths of an inch). * Our experience shows that the "sweet spot" for the GAP is usually somewhere between 0.100 and 0.150 inches (between 2 and 3 lines). Of course there ARE exceptions to this. * If your horn/mouthpiece plays well AND the GAP is within the typical "sweet spot" range of 0.100 to 0.150, then you probably will NOT gain anything by altering the GAP. * If you are having any of the playability problems described above, then you MAY be able to improve or eliminate the issues by altering the GAP, especially if the GAP is outside the typical "sweet spot" range. * If your measured GAP is more than 4 or less than 2 reference lines AND you think your horn plays OK, you still MAY find some improvement by altering the GAP to be within the typical "sweet spot" range.
GAP CHeK by Warburton
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