John Packer JP371 (SW) Bb Cornet

JP371 (Smith Watkins) Large bore Bb cornet featuring a one piece bell / 1st and 3rd triggers and leadpipe designed by Dr Richard Smith of Smith-Watkins. This instrument also has a lyre box fitted as standard. Price includes a lightweight case with backpack straps and a JP4B mouthpiece. Available in lacquer or silver plated finish.


  • Large bore - Good for powerful playing
  • Smith-Watkins designed leadpipe - Professional feature for excellent resistance and easy articulation
  • One piece bell - Professional feature for extra resonance
  • High grade (80:20) brass - For enhanced durability and resonance
  • 1st & 3rd triggers - For quick and accurate tuning
  • 3rd valve slide water key - To remove water effectively and avoid blockages
  • Lyre box - For use while marching
John Packer JP371 (SW) Bb Cornet
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Price $1,900.00
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