Jupiter XO Flugelhorn

 The XO Series Flugelhorns provide a new bore design with the addition of a custom nickel silver mouthpipe, providing a more focused, yet dark, rich timbre. In addition, the XO flugelhorn has a tunable leadpipe and custom wooden trigger. The XO flugelhorn also features a traditional two-piece valve casing with nickel silver balusters. Constructed from a single sheet of brass, the Artist bell is formed and hand-hammered into shape. A special process fuses the bell material at the seam and leaves no visible sign. The result is a bell that provides uninterrupted vibrations and maximum resonance. .413" bore, hand-crated 6" bell, tunable nickel-silver leadpipe, French tuning slides, custom wooden 3rd valve trigger with mini-ball linkage mechanism, Monel pistons, 3rd valve water key, Silver-plated rose brass bell.

- Silver-Plated Body
- .433" Bore
- Specially Annealed 6" Rose Brass Bell
- French tuning slides
- 3rd Valve Trigger with stainless steel mechanism
- Monel pistons
- 1st and 3rd valve water keys
- wood-frame case

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Price $2,583.00
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