Warburton Flugelhorn Mouthpieces

We offer Three Standard Models:

  • FLM - Medium funnel shape with a #20 bore size. This model has a lighter sound and is preferred by players who need to play in the upper register.
  • FL - Standard deep funnel shape with #16 bore size. This has been by far our most popular model over the years.
  • FLX - Extra deep funnel shape with a #14 bore size. This model is capable of producing a most beautiful classic Flugelhorn sound for orchestral and other large ensemble work.
  • Plus our Wide Rim Option (W) - Any of the Trumpet, Cornet, or Flugelhorn tops can be ordered with the W rim option which provides an additional 0.020 inch (twenty-thousandths of an inch) of outside diameter for players accustomed to slightly wider/fatter rims. Note that the W option is not available with the Signature models.


The inside rim diameters and rim shapes are identical to the trumpet models 1 through 8.

The following shanks are available:

  • standard American taper
  • "French" taper, which fits the Couesnon and French Besson Flugels
  • "Bach" - (Longer shank to fit Bach Flugelhorns, Kanstul 1525, & Leblanc Sandoval) - special request only
  • "Vintage One" - (Wider shank dimension to compliment Conn Vintage One Flugelhorns) - special request only

Warburton Flugelhorn mouthpieces are 1-piece models because each cup-depth has a corresponding bore size to match.

Warburton Flugelhorn Mouthpieces
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