Yamaha YTR9335CH Bb Trumpet

Yamaha YTR9335CH Silverplated Bb Trumpet LIKE NEW. This is a Gen 1. Comes with case as seen in pictures. NO MOUTHPIECE. This trumpet never left the home and was well kept and maintained. This instrument was owned by Teddy Mulet who has played and toured with ( Justin Timberlake, Gloria Estefan, Miami Sound Machine , Paul Anka ,Blood, Sweat and Tears) He has also appeared on numerous albums by artists including Jon Secada, Shakira, Ricky Martin, Julio Iglesias, Enrique Iglesias, Jimmy Buffett, Jennifer Lopez and Celia Cruz. Response and Resistance Redesigned parts, such as lighter weight pistons and valve casing, a semi-square crook shaped tuning slide and redesigned water key spring result in improved response and provide the performer with an ideal level of resistance. Water Key Design and materials have been re-assessed to ensure the improved response from the instrument' tubing. The weight distribution of the water key arm and the saddle has been updated to improve playability and response while enhancing high register accessibility. Brace Balance has been improved by modifying the shape of the brace, achieving quick response with a brilliant, well-centered tone. Brace Position Like the former models, the distance between the mouthpiece receiver and brace on the YTR-9335CHSII and YTR-9445CHSII are similar so that consistent playability is achieved when switching between Bb and C trumpets. 3rd Valve Slide The 3rd valve slide stop is positioned to allow the slide to be extended further than normal so that accurate low Eb pitch can be achieved. The button at the tip of the slide and the quarter circle stopper ring help to fine-tune the playing resistance for superior comfort and playability. Slide Stopper The slide stopper is designed to prevent the trumpet slide from falling off. The slide stopper is made of silicone rubber, which will not harm the finish. Providing both strength and elasticity, it can remain attached to the instrument during performance. (Length: 12 cm) Case The TRC-800E double case features a backpack-style design for ease of transport.
Yamaha YTR-9335CH Silverplated Xeno Chicago Series Professional Bb Trumpet Gen. 1
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